Thursday, April 14, 2011

Law #9 The Law of Energy

I came across this (via twitter of all things) today: The 10 Irrefutable Laws of Horsemanship as written by a vet who specialises in equine dentristy.

I sent the link to Nancyboi to distract him from his work. He responded with, what does law #9 mean?

It was a good question, because it got me thinking. Law #9 means to me, off the top of my head:

  • energy in, energy out
  • energy goes where you are looking and/or thinking
  • energy can help you, or hinder you, depending on how you manifest it
  • energy does unexpected things
  • control the horse's energy by controlling your own
  • match your energy to your horse's, and your horse's energy will synchronise with yours
  • things don't happen without energy
  • don't be afraid of energy; learn how it feels, and how to direct it (see the second point)
  • there is good energy and bad energy, both in terms of input and output, physically and emotionally
  • you can make choices about energy
  • your energy is your responsibility
  • your horse can also make choices about his energy, but often, it's reactive when there is a human involved
  • your horse's energy is your responsibility when you are with your horse
 There is a lot packed into that one little law!

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