Thursday, April 14, 2011

Law #9 The Law of Energy

I came across this (via twitter of all things) today: The 10 Irrefutable Laws of Horsemanship as written by a vet who specialises in equine dentristy.

I sent the link to Nancyboi to distract him from his work. He responded with, what does law #9 mean?

It was a good question, because it got me thinking. Law #9 means to me, off the top of my head:

  • energy in, energy out
  • energy goes where you are looking and/or thinking
  • energy can help you, or hinder you, depending on how you manifest it
  • energy does unexpected things
  • control the horse's energy by controlling your own
  • match your energy to your horse's, and your horse's energy will synchronise with yours
  • things don't happen without energy
  • don't be afraid of energy; learn how it feels, and how to direct it (see the second point)
  • there is good energy and bad energy, both in terms of input and output, physically and emotionally
  • you can make choices about energy
  • your energy is your responsibility
  • your horse can also make choices about his energy, but often, it's reactive when there is a human involved
  • your horse's energy is your responsibility when you are with your horse
 There is a lot packed into that one little law!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Playing dress ups

There is something about horse riding gear, both casual and competition, that always gives me a little bit of a buzz.  I'm no fashionista, and well, clothes are clothes. But I love wearing my jods and boots around the place, way way more so than my cycling kit for example.Sure  I enjoy wearing my "special kit" racing the track bike, and in particular my sponsor's kit, but for me, horse riding gear is a little bit something more. Hey, I even happily stride around the local supermarket in my smelly, hair covered riding gear. No way I'd wear my cycling kit at the supermarket! And work clothes - I can't wait to get out my office clothes when I get home. But I can wear my jods all day.  They make me feel special.

At Dressage with the Stars last month, I saw something radical: stretch polyester competition jackets. Quality material, thick, well cut. A little bit like this. In fact, as it turns out, just that exactly! I've not competed for many years, and it was in the days of wool blend, cotton and polyester. Navy pin stripe, or black, with buttons not zips. All very traditional, no colour, boring.

But I see the EA rules have been modified since those days (hmm all of 6 yrs ago!!) so that, basically, any colour goes. Tradition can be warped a little, personalised a little. So I am dreaming of a lavender jacket, with chocolate piping trim, chocolate hat and boots, lavender gloves. Nothing loud, but discrete muted tones. Could be kinda fun :-)