Sunday, March 13, 2011

These boots were made for...

We ordered Moonie's new boots today, with a big THANK YOU to Mike Ware of Easycare Downunder for his advice via email and phone. I have dealt with Easycare Downunder previously, and the support/advice and ease of dealing with them has always been excellent.

Anyway, it will take a few days for the Moonstar's new boots to arrive, so in the interim, to keep his feet happy, which then keeps his gut happy, and his soul happy, his feet had been padded up, using EVA100 rubber and heavy duty duct tape. While he walks around just fine without the pads, once they are on, his movement improves significantly. Even better than when shod (on grass that is). Which goes to show how much we take for granted ie what I was used to in terms of Moonie's regular walk with shoes, was not actually his best walk. His best walk comes unshod, barefoot trimmed, padded.

His treeless saddle arrived on Friday, complete with saddle pads and inserts. It will take some tweaking to get the pads right for his particular needs, but I am confident he will do well with the new set up. I won't ride him until his feet are protected enough to keep him comfortable under saddle. The arena is deep shavings, but I am keen to look after his feet while they grow and transition from shod to bare.

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