Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Another gratuitous photo post

This photo is blurry but I don't care. I love the focus and intent in Moonie's walk. Check out the loop in the line - can't get much lighter than that! Last night we did some pole work, as I have been under the weather and not riding. Time to get the pony's back moving and lifting! One of the effects of Cushings is loss of topline, so I am plan to circumvent that with regular exercise that encourages good use of Moonie's back muscles and his hindquarter. He used to have terrific gaskin development. That has now faded (a bit like my cycling quads at the moment). If they don't get used, they get lost! So he is walked and trotted over pole sequences, logs, 12-18inch jumps, wide planks, caveletti. You can see, he really gets into it.

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