Monday, February 21, 2011

Prepared for the Apocalypse!

This post is just a gratuitous excuse to put up the above photo of Moonie, taken over the weekend. This is his daily get up ie grazing muzzle and fly mask. By the time it all comes off in the evening, he is more than happy to see me! Both bits of gear are doing their job, keeping his slim and fly free.

The reception at the agistment property to the grazing muzzle has been interesting, mainly consisting of pity bordering on cruelty accusations in the first instance. Now, after nearly two weeks of observing Moonie's management of daily life (ie grazing and drinking) with the muzzle, most people are receptive, but still not willing to embrace a muzzle for their own chronically fat and metabolically challenged horses. Funny how people are prepared to let their horses suffer from obesity whilst denying themselves an opportunity to manage that obesity and its related health issues, deeming it too cruel for their horses. Ironic.

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