Sunday, December 12, 2010

Saturday with Carlos

This weekend was another focussing on the way of the pony. Saturday I went to a Carlos Tabernaberri clinic, held just around the corner. I have skimmed Carlos’s book, read a few of his articles, looked at his website.  People I know rave about the man. Well, he is kinda good looking, so I assumed there is a bit of physicality attached to his growing guru status. Certainly his stated philosophies, and what he says he does are not new. Ray Hunt, Tom Dorrance, Arthur Kottas,  Kyra Kyrkland,e ven Franz Mairinger spring to mind when I read/hear his words. So I was expecting a bit of a show, with some quality horsehandling attached to it.

When I actually met the man, I was pleasantly surprised by a quiet, polite, interested, genuine human who remembered my two companions from other interactions, and remembered my name throughout the whole day. His hands-on work with horses is excellent, and he is obviously a talented, skilled and thoughtful horseman. He had a few digs at the Parelli type approaches, but backed up all his criticisms by showing alternate methods with horses that belonged to the clinic attendees ie not his own, not ones that had been “prepared earlier”. In fact, one horse in particular was very bullying towards his owner, yet Carlos was able to demonstrate that a quiet but assertive approach would overcome this horse’s persistent striving for seniority in the status stakes. I hope Carlos has another clinic just around the corner early next year. I think Maz would benefit greatly from the experience, as an outing, for the socialisation aspect, and for a bit of a “challenge” to her ego and confidence.

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