Thursday, December 9, 2010

Rehab Day 7

Friday Dec 10

The power of massage and other bodywork modalities, and the intent to heal, never ceases to amaze me. Maz is progressing well, and as I have mentioned before, old swellings and bruisings are fading, with new areas popping up as her body releases and realigns, recentres itself.

Overall last night's massage went well, with some very intensive work in her offhind. She had been fidgety and inattentive when I started the massage, but by the time I was working on her back, she had stopped and was tuned in to the work I was doing. As I started to along the length of the longissimus the mare began to move with me, working to help me get into the muscle. For me, it was confirming: I was doing good work in a way that worked for her. When I moved to the hindquarter, she let me work right into the sore areas, showing me where she wanted the work done.

Yet, by the time I reached the hindquarters on the other side, she'd well and truly had enough and I did minimal work compared to the other side. Fortunately I remember to swap which side I start on each time I massage her, for this reason: Maz won't tolerate more than 35 minutes of work at the moment. It means I have to focus on those areas that need work and slowly stretch out to those areas that should have work but time/attention won't permit. Her neck continues to be problematic, in that she does have work that needs doing in her neck, but she is very defensive and protective of these areas. I do wonder what has happened to make her so, when she so readily lets me in to her hindquarters. Perhaps it's just easier to kick me with a hind leg when I go too far, than bite or strike me with a front leg when doing the neck? Anyway, each time I can progress a little further with the neck work. Last night I was able to finger fan the crest line, and do a modified squeeze and lift in some areas - a huge improvement on a few weeks ago when you could not even touch her crest.

I expected Maz to be stiff, tetchy and have taken a step backward today with the work I did yesterday, but the report back from this morning's feed is that she is moving very well, smoothly, but irritable in her attitude.  I moved a lot of energy through her system last night, and challenged a few areas, so it will take a few days for her to process it.

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