Sunday, December 26, 2010

Looking good

Christmas eve, and the neighbouring alpaca (I assume it was one of those, and not a llama!) came over to see what the new brown thing was in the paddock next door. The same could be said for Maz!

To see her move out well, with her signature slinkyness is fantastic: no lameness, no hobbling, no soreness, no unevenness. After four weeks, she is back to her normal, easy self to handle. I have moved her down the back of the property, as she was very lonely on her own at the front. For some reason, all the horses are currently in back paddocks. So now she is beside her front paddock buddy, and is very relaxed and content.

I'll be working with her more intensely this week, while I am off work. So long as it stops raining!

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