Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Gotta love a smart pony!

Today was saddling up day with Maz. Yesterday I girthed her up with the lunging roller and she was fine. She should have been fine with the saddle as well, but I wasn't convinced and took precautions. Despite the precautions, she reacted dramatically and turned into a loose bucking bronco for several minutes. But while she was in the midst of mild panic dealing with this thing on her back, she managed to keep her brain switched on enough to get herself out of some potentially sticky, risky spots. She looked where she put her feet, where her body was in space, and was quick-thinking and smart enough to solve a couple of dicey problems mid-flight.

While I was totally not impressed that she was reacting as she was, I was thrilled to see her work through the tight spots she put herself in, without more panic or too much difficulty for that matter. Smart pony!

Later, after we had finished with the groundwork, post bronc episode, we went for a walk to some tarps and an Otto bin. She checked out the rattling tarps but wasn't fully convinced. She then let me check out the bin to see if it was safe, and once she was happy I wasn't going to get sucked in, she walked straight up and stuck her nose in to see what I was looking at. I was stoked. She was working with me of her own volition, and showing me trust. Not bad for a horse that had been fighting a pain memory 20 minutes earlier and not convinced when I started to work with her once the tanty had stopped. Smart pony!

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