Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Day 4 rehab

Tuesday Dec 7

This morning she was parked at the gate, and didn’t move as I went in and out of the paddock. This was a concern, as it meant she was not inclined to move, which meant when she did, it was going to be ugly. It certainly wasn’t pretty, as she had stiffened up standing there and had to back up to clear space for her front end to move around. She finally made it, slowly and painfully. My immediate thought was: time to call the vet.

Interestingly, while she has appetite for the chaff and herb mix, she is not eating her hay, having picked out all the rye from the rye clover mix, leaving the clover behind (and a bit of rye for that matter). Have changed to pasture hay. She walked over, sniffed it, looked at me as if to say “You gotta be kidding” and wandered off. She makes me smile.

In the evening she was moving well, with lots of swing through the back, although her strides were uneven behind and stepping short near hind as per usual. She even trotted and looked sound at the trot. Her right hock has lost some heat (as well as the mud poultice! multiple reapplications required). The haematoma on her nearside withers (cranio-dorsal aspect of thoracic trapezius) has gone!!! Now the real cause of the haematoma is apparent – a muscle tear you can put your fingertip into, similar to the one on her nearside hindquarter. The swellings over her longus-gluteal junction on both sides have also diminished. Two days after massage: one happy owner! Planning another massage for Thursday if the weather is kind; we have heavy rains forecast from Wednesday to Friday.

Yes, that IS two kangaroos biffoing on in the background

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