Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Day 3 rehab

Monday Dec 6

Mobile, but short stepping behind, moving cautiously and taking it slowly and settling into the paddock. She looks tired, very tired. Her right hock has swollen and is marginally hotter than the left, so applying mud poultice. The defurred bits are now small open wounds – did she hit herself with her opposite foot getting up? Her proprioception is wacky at the moment, and there are moments were she seems to lose sense of where her feet are, so it’s quite likely. I wondered how both hocks were debarked in the first place.

A paddock buddy sms me later in the evening to say she has seen Maz trotting, and she looked well, no sign of lameness, but stepped up short transitioning into walk. It was heartening to hear.

Feed the same.

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