Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Day 2 rehab

Day 2 Sunday Dec 5

AM : When I finally got to her paddock, she was lying down, but she got up readily and came over to the gate to meet me. I had no issue putting on her halter (a problem at the trainer’s apparently) with her dropping her nose as per usual to take the halter. She took the probiotic over the tongue after realising I wasn’t going to put a bit in her mouth. I hand fed her the mineral supplement pellets, which she gobbled down keenly (return of interest in food!) and ate much more of her morning feed than she had the day before. Her coat was glowing, and her posture was more relaxed, although she was still standing well under herself front and back.

PM: Again came up to the gate to greet us. She’d had a roll and was looking happy, but tired and sore. She was happy to be haltered, and willing to hang in the paddock shelter entrance to be massaged. The massage was mainly effleurage, sweating, compressions, some flat hand rotations, limited cross–fibre and insertion-origin work, and appropriately-placed finger fanning. Some areas of her body showed improvement, others will take longer, and with the improvement in some areas, new spots cropped up from underneath the superficial muscles. Some of these appeared under my hand as the superficial muscles relaxed and gave way. She has some deeply bedded damage in her muscles. Although the flat hand assessment showed more obvious tightness and issues on the left side, she is much much more sore on the offside, even “biting” my elbow at one point to let me know. As I massaged, her posture began to change, and her stance opened out on the side I was working on. After the massage, while she didn’t move out well initially with shortness and uneveness behind, her posture was improved and more open and balanced with more swing through her back. And her coat looked fantastic with a sleek shine and deep inner glow that had been absent while she was away.

Feed: AM oaten and lucerne chaff soaked, copra soaked, mineral and vit supplement, chamomile tea and slippery elm, probiotic.

PM oaten and lucerne chaff soaked, mineral and vit supplement, chamomile tea and slippery elm, probiotic (She almost sucked the probiotic out of the syringe!), rye clover hay dry I biscuit.

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