Sunday, December 12, 2010

2 Week review

This is the end result of two weeks' rest, specific feeding, massage, care. While Maz has a way to go yet to strengthen her back and hindquarter soft tissue, retrain her proprioception, and her head space, the difference already is excellent. I put these two photos up to remind myself of how far we have already progressed in such a short time.

The in-hand work yesterday (Day 1) was not without issues:

  That would be a no.

 Followed by a yes

 And more yes.

We had barging, pushing, leaning, some definite no’s and many many I don’t want to’s, and some make me’s. Mostly this was lack of confidence, a lot of insecurity and fear. This will be the bulk of the rehab work with Maz now. Interestingly, now that she is feeling physically better, I am getting some attitudinal issues. I went to bridle her before (and again after) her work, to get the fit of the new bit right. I’ve never had a problem bridling her before. Now I do, with a definite, adamant no. It will take some work to sort that out, but I have plenty of time and will chip away at it, through a holistic approach ie the work in hand, massage, reinforcing manners on the ground all come together to build confidence and trust. At the moment, she doesn’t trust the bridle and what it means. I don’t blame her.

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